Monday, December 13, 2010

Putting Greens in Witnesham (near Westerfield, Ipswich) - Fynn Valley Golf Club - Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

On Sunday 12th December 2010 while driving through Ipswich we spotted a sign on a roundabout advertising the Fynn Valley Golf Club in nearby Witnesham. We decided to have a look to see what was there, and found two Putting Greens! The Golf Club also has an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course, along with a Driving Range.

The Putting Course below is located next to the Driving Range.

The Putting Green below is located beside the first tee.


Jenny Holmes said...

Thank you for visiting Fynn Valley, we hope you enjoyed it! Looks like the weather was kind to you. To find out more about our Club, please visit Jenny

Richard Gottfried said...

Hello Jenny,

Thank you for your comment.

The Driving Range at Fynn Valley looked good, sadly I didn't have my Golf Clubs in the boot (too many Christmas Presents taking up space).

Hope to return and have a game on the 9-hole course in the summer, a few friends have played there previously.

Thanks again,