Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crazy World of Minigolf Tour - Course Played #28 Warwick (St Nicholas Park) - Derelict Crazy Golf

We first visited Warwick in mid-July 2007 to play in the BMGA English Open tournament (we have also played at the main Adventure Golf course in Warwick (course visit #27) at the Midlands Invitational 2007, Midlands Open 2007 and the BMGA British Doubles Tournament there in 2008).

While there we checked out and played the 9-hole derelict Crazy Golf Course.

This is what the course looked like on a re-visit in May 2008.

According to my fellow BMGA Tour members Jam Trubridge and Paul & Owen Johnson the course re-opened in the summer of 2010, with a new lick of paint! We haven't played a BMGA event in Warwick for a couple of years now, but hopefully we'll get to back to Warwick again to check out the improvements.

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Anonymous said...

The were a fair few people playing on this course when I passed by in July while attending the Warwick Folk Festival. I was too busy watching morris dancing to have a game though.

Richard Gottfried said...

Thanks for the comment "Anonymous".