Monday, December 13, 2010

Felixstowe Minigolf Updates - and a Match at Mannings

On Saturday 11th December we headed to Felixstowe, Suffolk to re-visit the minigolf courses there.

First up was a visit to Mannings Amusements, where we played an Irregular Mini Golf match at the Indoor Magical Golf.

I defeated Emily in the Irregular Mini Golf Tour match 36 shots to 41. Neither of us won a free game though.

The Magical Golf course was originally the 5th course we played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour, back when it was called Golf FX.

Next we had a look at the Adventure Golf course. It was closed for the season.

A view of the 9-hole Adventure Golf Course in Felixstowe (December 2010).

A little way along the seafront we found that the 'storied' Hollywood Holes Crazy Golf course has now been removed!

The well-travelled 'Hollywood Holes' are no longer there!?

There's also a 'Dolphin' Guarding the Go Karts and Fairground (much like the one at the Crazy Golf course in St Albans).

Next up we had a look at the location where a course was going to be built a couple of years ago, it's next to the Donkey Rides area (itself formerly a Putting Course).

A little way down the seafront, next to the Leisure Centre and Pier, we had a look at the area that used to house a Crazy Golf course. It's still empty, although you can see where the holes used to sit.

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