Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crazy World of Minigolf Tour - Course Played #52 Tampere, Finland - Swedish Felt

The 52nd Minigolf Course visited and played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour was the Swedish Felt course at the Manse RG Club in Tampere, Finland where we played for Great Britain in the 2008 Nations Cup competition.

The story of the Rotten Shark Classic!

Following the first days play in the Nations Cup tournament, the Great Britain Team and its entourage headed to the Viking Restaurant - Harald - in Tampere, where we asked for the Viking Speciality, which turned out to be Rotten Shark and Aquavit!!!

Only three of the team were brave (daft) enough to try it, with myself, Andy 'Sarge' Booth and Tim 'Ace Man' Davies eating the rotten shark and earning ourselves a place on the 'Wall of Fame' as people who had completed the dish!

After the main Nations Cup tournament had finished, the Great Britain Team played the Rotten Shark Classic tournament over one round of the 18-hole Swedish Felt course. Sean Homer and Steve Gow tied for the lead, with Sean picking up the win on Aces.

Results of the Rotten Shark Classic (The unofficial 2008 British Swedish Felt Run Championships)
1. Sean Homer 46 (GBR)(6 Aces)
2. Steve Gow (GBR) 46 (4 Aces)
3. Jouni Valkjarvi (FIN) 48 (1 Ace)
4. Richared Gottfried (GBR) 51 (2 Aces) (7’s 1)
5. Tim Davies (GBR) 53 (2 Aces)
6. Emily Gottfried (GBR) 64 (1 Ace) (7’s 1)
7. Ted McIver (GBR) 65 (2 Aces) (7’s 4)
8. Andy Booth (GBR)75 (7’s 6)
9. Alex Barr (GBR) 78 (1 Ace) (7’s 4) (cameraman)
10. Matt (GBR) 85 (7’s 7) (journo)

On the 9th May 2009 five members of the 2008 Nations Cup squad played in the first Tampere Reunion Classic competition at Wroxham Barns, Norfolk.

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