Monday, April 06, 2020

Garden Minigolf

A look at Putting at Home.

UrbanCrazy Garden Minigolf in East Finchley

We visited our 250th minigolf course ten years ago and it was one of the most unique layouts we've played.

UrbanCrazy Garden Minigolf in East Finchley
The first, and to date only, garden shed I've putted into

We've now been to 948 miniature golf courses since 2006.

The 9-hole minigolf course was tailor-made and features some challenging obstacles and changeable holes!

UrbanCrazy Garden Minigolf in East Finchley

It was built so games can vary from round to round and range from a 6-hole to a 9-hole course.

UrbanCrazy Garden Minigolf in East Finchley

In 2011 I was runner-up in the London Invitational Tournament held at the course.

UrbanCrazy Garden Minigolf in East Finchley

The marvellous back garden minigolf course was designed and built by UrbanCrazy, a UK-based minigolf business that designs and builds permanent miniature golf courses, provides portable layouts, supplies equipment and more.

Are you putting at home during the lockdown and isolation of social distancing?

We've seen quite a few indoor and garden crazy golf courses created over the last few weeks.

Our friends Pat and Mandy at The Putting Penguin were quick to organise the Putting Penguin Pandemic Putt Off – a stay-at-home putting competition with entries being submitted from around the world.

Our pals Tom and Robin at A Couple of Putts have also been logging all manner of isolation minigolf courses on their social media.

We've got plans for some indoor minigolf layouts too. We've also got quite a few minigolf games in the Crazy Golf Museum.

While a lot of the minigolf world is out of action, plans are still being drawn up for new courses, work is ongoing to finish courses where permissible, and ideas formulated for when it's safe to get back out on the course. If you'd like to have a chat about minigolf, marketing, minigolf marketing, or competitive socialising please do get in touch.

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