Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It’s Putter Madness in the world of Crazy Golf

A look into the world of Putter Madness minigolf.

Putter Madness - The Portable Crazy Golf Company

We love travelling around, playing minigolf and having fun. The coronavirus pandemic means we’re in lockdown and are putting at home.

We’ve been chatting to the team at Putter Madness for a while now and although our paths haven’t managed to cross in the outside world we have talked a lot about the world of minigolf on social media.

Putter Madness set up for a private event. Photo by Putter Madness
We're looking forward to playing the Putter Madness crazy golf course on our tour soon

It’s brilliant having guest posts on the blog as we get to hear from different people here in the UK and around the world, as well as seeing a range of different minigolf courses.

Putter Madness set up for a private event. Photo by Putter Madness

Here’s some more info on Putter Madness.

Richard: Can you tell us some more about Putter Madness?
Kieran: Putter Madness was born in 2019. We are an exciting, creative and contemporary portable crazy golf company looking to add fun and some light-hearted competitiveness to all types of events. Our tee-rific courses contain obstacles, humps and bumps, aimed at entertaining guests of all ages and abilities. We have enjoyed setting up our portable crazy golf course at all types of festivals, weddings, corporate events, and family events.

Putter Madness set up at a public event. Photo by Putter Madness

R: What’s the idea behind the madness?
K: In the last few years, my wife and I have become big fans of competitive socialising, especially crazy golf. The first time we experienced competitive socialising was at a wonderful crazy golf venue called Urban Putt in San Francisco, we couldn't believe how much fun it was! Since then we have been to some amazing venues such as Ghetto Golf, Swingers Crazy Golf, Flight Club darts and Bounce Ping Pong.

When we were planning our wedding in the summer of 2019 we decided we wanted something different to entertain our guests that would make our big day that extra bit special. Along with the fact that a wedding can be a very long day we needed something to keep our guests occupied. We thought; what if we could bring our love for crazy golf and competitive socialising to our wedding day, *Light Bulb Moment* that's when our portable crazy golf idea was born.

Putter Madness set up for a wedding. Photo by Putter Madness

Founded in January 2019, we have been lucky to have toured the UK entertaining people with our crazy golf idea and we haven’t looked back! We have been so overwhelmed with all of the interest, enquiries, and bookings we’ve had in our first year.

Putter Madness set up for a public event. Photo by Putter Madness

R: Why did you pick crazy golf?
K: Crazy golf is that one timeless activity. It never gets old and it is an all-ages pleaser. If you're 8 years old or 80 years old it brightens up everyone’s day. We love to see the competitiveness come out when people are playing, especially when they are dressed in glamorous dresses and jewels at a wedding.

Wedding crazy golf. Photo by Putter Madness

Crazy golf works so well as a time filler at weddings and a great way of mixing with people you’ve never met before. It also works well at public events such as festivals and fetes, private events such as birthday parties and celebrations, and corporate events such as product launches and team building days. In fact, it works at any type of event!

Wedding crazy golf. Photo by Putter Madness

R: How are things for you at the moment?
K: We are currently living through some very surreal times. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak a number of our upcoming events, including a lot of weddings have had to be postponed to later dates in the year. Luckily so far, we have been able to rearrange suitable future dates.

In the meantime, we have been able to put our free time to good use, by giving our crazy golf course some TLC and we're also using our time to come up with new and exciting ideas for the near future, watch this space!

Putter Madness set up for a wedding. Photo by Putter Madness

R: What are you plans in the near future?
K: We have big plans for Putter Madness including adding additional portable courses to our existing layout and plans to appear at more and more events around the UK. In our first year alone, we couldn’t believe how many bookings we were getting, especially for weddings. We hope to keep our fun, light-hearted business going for people to have fun with. This is only the beginning.

For more information about Putter Madness visit their website.

If you’d like to guest blog on the Ham and Egger Files do get in touch. It’s brilliant finding out about new minigolf courses, businesses, innovations and more.

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