Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Course visited but not played - Smeeth (The Woolpack Inn) - Crazy Golf

The Woolpack Inn in Smeeth
On our way to Hastings, East Sussex to compete in the 2010 Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club Open minigolf competition we decided to see what other courses we could find in that neck of the woods!

We've been to the south east on a number of occasions, for both tournament play and seaside tours, and we'd heard there were a few courses around.

One such course that has a bit of recent Minigolf history is the Crazy Golf course at the Woolpack Inn in the village of Smeeth. While the course itself has never been played on the BMGA Tour, it does lend its name to the 'Smeeth Cup' tournament that is (was) contested between the Kent Mini Golf Club (KMGC) and the Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club (PHCGC). The competition was so-named due to the village's equi-distance between Margate & Hastings!

Unfortunately the course was not to be the next course played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour as we arrived at the pub at 11am, but it didn't open until 12pm!

The Woolpack Inn in Smeeth
The Minigolf course in the beer garden of The Woolpack Inn in Smeeth

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