Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Minigolf and tenpin bowling

Where to find minigolf and tenpin bowling entertainment centres.

Traditionally the two leisure activities have been quite separate and distinct, with people choosing to do either one or other and most operators running either a minigolf course or tenpin bowling alley.

The Mini Golf course and tenpin bowling alleys sit side-by-side at Lane7 in Newcastle

With the boom in the popularity of minigolf and the growth in new courses, a number of tenpin bowling centres have added minigolf, crazy golf and adventure golf courses.

Crazy Golf at Level Preston
A cricket-themed hole on a crazy golf course on the floor below a bowling alley at the Level Preston entertainment centre

We're fans of both games and we've been to quite a few places on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour that have both entertainment options.

Minigolf and tenpin bowling centres:

Lane7 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Mini Golf and tenpin bowling.

Mini Golf at Lane7 in Newcastle
Mini Golf at Lane7 in Newcastle

Level Preston - Trailer Trash Jim's Crazy Golf and tenpin bowling.

Trailer Trash Jim's Crazy Golf at Level Preston
Jabba the Putt at Level Preston

MFA Bowl
in Hereford - Crazy Golf and tenpin bowling.

Crazy Golf at MFA Bowl in Hereford
Putting from an indoorr bit of the outdoor Crazy Golf course at the MFA Bowl in Hereford

Namco Funscape in Tamworth - Medieval-themed Castle Adventure Golf and and tenpin bowling.

Castle Adventure Golf at Namco Funscape in Tamworth
The outdoor section of the medieval-themed Adventure Golf course in Tamworth

Riverside Bowl in Andover - Glo-Golf indoor Crazy Golf and tenpin bowling.

Indoor Crazy Golf at the Riverside Bowl in Andover
Crazy Golfing at the Riverside Bowl in Andover. Andover of course is known as 'the Paris of Hampshire'

Caddyshackers in Leicester - Crazy Golf and a new tenpin bowling centre called East Street Lanes opening in 2019.

Crazy Golf at Caddyshackers in Leicester
Caddyshackers Crazy Golf in Leicester has a tenpin bowling-themed hole

Superbowl UK in Warrington - Putters Adventure Golf and tenpin bowling.

The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre in Preston - Crazy Golf and and tenpin bowling.

New bowling and minigolf centres in development / opening soon:

- York Stadium Leisure Complex
- Market Walk Shopping Centre, Chorley
Rochdale Riverside

A bowling hole at Ghetto Golf in Liverpool

Do get in touch if you know of any other tenpin bowling alleys with minigolf courses, or crazy golf courses with bowling elements.

Roxy Ball Room on Boar Lane in Leeds has a tenpin bowling-themed hole. But you'll need to visit Roxy Lanes for a bowl

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