Friday, August 09, 2019

Julia Galvin and The Chinese Wife Carrying Race!

Help novelty sports star Julia Galvin get to The Chinese Wife Carrying Race.

Our friend and fellow obscure sports enthusiast Julia Galvin has been invited to China for their National Wife Carrying Championships!

Wife carrying is a sport where male competitors race while carrying a female team-mate (they don't technically need to be married). The objective is to pass through a special obstacle course in the fastest time possible.

Julia has a fine pedigree in the sport of wife carrying, competing in events around the world since her debut in the world championships in Sonkajärvi, Finland - the home of wife carrying.

The main prize for the winners in wife carrying contests is the wife's weight in beer.

The 2019 China National Wife Carrying Championships are taking place in Yulin, Guangxi this month.

We met Julia at the inaugural World Alternative Games in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales back in 2012 where we were running the Finger Jousting World Championships and Julia was a competitor.

As well as a star of wife carrying Julia is one of the world's best Bog Snorkelers and a regular visitor to Llanwrtyd Wells for the town's many odd sports events.

Check out Julia's GoFundMe page and help her get to The Chinese Wife Carrying Race!

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