Friday, May 13, 2016

Crazy Golf Adventure at Lakeside Shopping Village in Doncaster

Playing a new Crazy Golf course in Doncaster, Yorkshire.

The Lakeside Village Crazy Golf course 

On the way home from our very nice short break in brilliant Bridlington we swung by the Lakeside Shopping Village in Doncaster for a round on their new Crazy Golf Adventure course that has been set up for the summer.

We had a great time on the course

The 9-hole Minigolf course is FREE to play! Marvellous news.

It's brilliant the course is free of charge

You just need to head to the DOMO shop at the outlet shopping mall and away you go.

Monkeying around

The layout looks brilliant and plays very well indeed. Be warned though - the last hole is very difficult to complete!

Neither of us were lucky on the last hole

We both shot dreaded sevens!

The Lakeside Shopping Village Crazy Golf course became the 397th played and 678th visited overall on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour since 2006.

The course is unique and definitely gets the thumbs up from us

In our match-up we tied having both scored 28.

Emily on hole 5

Teeing-off on hole 5

Playing the angles on hole 6

Hole 8 was really nice to play - even though it's got a small plateau / volcano!

We're bananas about Crazy Golf so the course was perfect for us

Hole 1

Hole 2

Shooting on the 7th

The Crazy Golf Adventure has a very nice scorecard

As big fans of the comedy show Bottom for years we've been led to believe that Bridlington is only 25 minutes from Doncaster. By car. Not true! It took us an hour and a half to get there. It was well worth the journey though as the Crazy Golf course was very good fun and the Lakeside Shopping Village was a nice spot for a bit of a wander. We bought some nice chocolates there too.

Lakeside Village is well worth a visit

Check out the Lakeside Shopping Village website for more details of how to play the course and opening times.

The Lakeside Village Crazy Golf course is open throughout the summer of 2016

- Lakeside Shopping Village

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