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Report from the Surrey Invitational Minigolf Tournament 2016

Results of the second Surrey Invitational Tournament.

On Saturday 14th May five semi-pro minigolfers competed in the second edition of the Surrey Invitational Tournament in a two-round, two-course, 27-hole contest.

The Surrey Invitational Tournament competitors line-up for a shot at the title in Woking Park

The competition was played at the 9-hole Eternit Miniature Golf course at Woking Park, and the 18-hole Swedish Felt B-Run course at Stoke Park in Guildford. The staging of the 2016 event coincided with National Miniature Golf Day.

Inaugural Surrey Invitational Tournament champion Matt 'The Don' Dodd leads out the players on hole 1 at Woking Park

The champion after 27-holes of play was Burpham's Oliver 'The Machine' Florence, who was victorious with a score of 65, having shot rounds of 19 and 46. Luton's 'Squire' Richard Gottfried became a two time S.I.T. runner-up with a total of 74, with Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried picking up the bronze medal with a score of 82.

The new Surrey Invitational Tournament champion Oliver 'The Machine' Florence captured the title and big minigolf trophy at Guildford's Stoke Park

The first stage of the Surrey Invitational Tournament was won by Surrey's Steve 'F1' Gow with a score of 17(-1) on the Woking Park layout. However, the veteran and GB international was unable to maintain the momentum and scored 68 in round two to finish in fourth place.

Steve 'F1' Gow playing the snakey second hole in Woking

Defending champion Matt 'The Don' Dodd scored rounds of 33 and 61 to finish in fifth place.

Ollie on target in Woking

New Surrey Invitational Tournament champion Oliver 'The Machine' Florence said "At the first Surrey Invitational in 2014 I had a prior engagement which meant I had to leave the tournament after the first round and it was really disappointing as I was in the lead. I was a bit worried I was going to have to depart early this year as I was scheduled to attend my mother's birthday tea at 4pm in Weybridge but luckily I managed to get the job done before heading off to enjoy the party."

Oliver in action on hole 6 of the Woking Park Mini Golf course

Florence commented "Among the sandwiches my particular favourites were the mini ham rolls but I also took a shine to the cream cheese and cucumber offerings. After a round of scones, both fruit and plain, with raspberry jam and cream, I partook in a delightful mango cheesecake among other sweet treats."

Florence added "Thanks to Richard and Emily for organising the Surrey Invitational and Matt and Englefield Green's finest Steve for taking part. I look forward to defending the magnificent trophy next time."

The scores and first-round rankings from Woking were:
1. Steve 'F1' Gow - 17
2. Oliver 'The Machine' Florence - 19
3. 'Squire' Richard Gottfried - 24
4. Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 28
5. Matt 'The Don' Dodd - 33

'Squire' Richard Gottfried playing the second hole in Woking

Matt tackles the fifth hole

Steve on the seventh

Each round winner of the Surrey Invitational Tournament gets to lift the trophy, but only the overall winner gets to keep it until the next edition of the event.

Steve 'F1' Gow with the Grand Prix - for the first round at least

The scores and second-round rankings from Guildford were:
1. Oliver 'The Machine' Florence - 65
2. 'Squire' Richard Gottfried - 50
3. Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 54
4. Matt 'The Don' Dodd - 61
5. Steve 'F1' Gow - 68

Tournament leader Steve Gow tees-off round two at Guildford's Stoke Park

Emily playing the second hole. Quite possibly the most difficult hole in minigolf - all of the players scored a seven on it!

Matt tackling another very difficult hole

Richard has slightly better luck than Matt as Ollie looks on

Steve playing his second shot as Ollie gets ready to tee-off

The final rankings and two-round totals from the Surrey Invitational Tournament 2016 were:
1. Oliver 'The Machine' Florence - 65
2. 'Squire' Richard Gottfried - 74
3. Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 82
4. Steve 'F1' Gow - 85
5. Matt 'The Don' Dodd - 94

Surrey Invitational Tournament champion Oliver 'The Machine' Florence playing the Stoke Park loop-di-loop hole. Strangely, the loop is turfed on the outside!

Surrey Invitational Tournament Hall of Fame
2016 - Oliver 'The Machine' Florence
2014 - Matt 'The Don' Dodd

National Miniature Golf Day Tournament Hall of Fame
2016 - Oliver 'The Machine' Florence
2015 - Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd

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