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LilliPutt indoor Mini Golf in Singapore

A visit to the LilliPutt indoor Miniature Golf course in Singapore.

LilliPutt Mini Golf course - Funtastic Singapore in 18-holes

Emily was recently on business in South East Asia and during her trip to Singapore managed to fit in a game of Miniature Golf at the indoor LilliPutt Mini Golf course on East Coast Parkway.

Emily playing at the 677th course on our tour

The LilliPutt Mini Golf course became the 677th course visited and 393rd played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour since September 2006. Singapore is now the twelfth country we've played the game in!

LilliPutt is on the third floor of the former Splash Park building in Singapore

The course looks absolutely amazing and it's a must-visit attraction if you're a fan of the game. Check out the video below for one of the many holes that uses moving parts - hole 5 and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)!

Emily was amazed at how detailed and well built the LilliPutt layout was. On all our travels we've never seen a minigolf course quite like it!

Upon arrival at LilliPutt you depart from Changi Airport on your minigolf adventures around Singapore in miniature

The LilliPutt Mini Golf course has been designed to show Singapore in 18 'Funtastic' holes. They've certainly delivered on that promise.

Hole 2 - the Discovery Centre features a loop-di-loop with a plane on top. And a tank you putt through!

Once again Emily faced-off against her long-time minigolf rival and fellow international traveller Janie Peace. In the contest Emily secured the victory 76 to 84.

Janie playing hole 7, the Bird Park

The course has a par of 65 - and you can see why when you look at how tricky some of the intricately detailed holes are.

Hole 3 - the Turf Club racecourse - and hole 2 beyond shows the Discovery Centre

Hole 6 is the Fountain of Wealth

Hole 5 is an amazing layout of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system!

Instructions on how to play the hole

Another view of the MRT hole
Hole 8 depicts Singapore Port 

Hole 9 is a Science Centre - that features a Ski Slope!

A trip to the Zoo on hole 10

An Alligator, or Crocodile, lurking on the 10th
Hole 11 is a Food Centre!

Hole 15 - Boat Quay

A look at hole 16 - the Botanic Gardens - and beyond
You can also follow a brown tourist sign to find the course

For more info, opening times and prices check out the LilliPutt indoor Mini Golf course website.

They've got very nice scorecards and tickets at the LilliPutt Mini Golf course

- LilliPutt indoor Mini Golf course website

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Absolutely brilliant course. Unique. Odd. Great fun. The mechanical parts are awesome.