Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bar Billiards in Jersey

Back in 2013 I was playing Bar Billiards against Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd at the Charles II in London when a pub character told us about a table at the Dog & Sausage pub in St Helier, Jersey.

On our holiday earlier this week we popped into the pub hoping for a game. Only to find that the table had been removed.

You can't play Bar Billiards at the Dog & Sausage in St Helier any more

We also had a look in the Merton hotel - venue for the 2014 World Championships - but there was no sign of a table there either.

Before leaving the island we really wanted to get a game in and when we spotted the words 'Bar billiards' on a pub chalkboard sign we thought we were in luck. Sadly the table at The Caesarea had also gone.

What's a more permanent way of advertising something than a chalkboard. Unfortunately the 'Bar billiards' listing on the sign at The Caesarea must of been on there quite some time

The landlady there was friendly though and managed to find out there were still tables at The Devonshire and The Mont Felard. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit either pub before our flight left.

Bar Billiards is a great pub game, it's a real shame there aren't more tables around.

Check out the All England Bar Billiards Association (AEBBA) website for more details of the game and where to play.

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