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Breakers Realistic Miniature Golf at Les Mielles in Jersey

Playing the 400th course on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Breakers Miniature Golf is a very BIG minigolf course

On Monday 23rd May we played the landmark 400th minigolf course on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour. What began with a putt around an Adventure Golf course in Southsea, Hampshire has taken us all around the UK, as well as on a few jaunts overseas.

Halfway through playing our 400th minigolf course

The 400th course played since we began our travels in September 2006 was the Breakers Realistic Miniature Golf course, which is part of the Les Mielles Fun Zone at Les Mielles Golf & Country Club in St Ouens Bay, Jersey.

The 18-hole Mini Golf course on the largest of the Channel Islands is the most Southerly course in the British Isles. It's also really really BIG!


In our match-up in the Jersey Grand Prix I defeated Emily with a score of 58 to 66.

Winning in Jersey

We visited on a Monday just before the peak season and so had the course to ourselves - a real treat. Some of the holes are very very very long indeed, so scoring a two was as good as a hole-in-one on some of the layout. Although there were definite ace opportunities to be had there.

You can find the Breakers Miniature Golf course at Les Mielles Golf and Country Club, St Ouens Bay, St Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 7FQ. Visit the Les Mielles website, Facebook and Twitter for more information, opening times and prices.

The course is under the flight path of Jersey Airport

Last summer we spent two weeks touring the South West of England and visited 62 courses. This year our gallivanting for minigolf has matched the easygoing pace of Jersey island life, but it was marvellous to reach another BIG minigolf milestone on our tour.

The Mini Golf course can be found in the Les Mielles Fun Zone. It's next to a Segway Grand Prix

The course gets the (double) thumbs up!

A very aceable hole

Emily in action

What a big course for a big occasion

Emily putts out of a bunker

Another big shot needed

Emily gets on the green

Playing it from where it lies

Another tough second putt

The 17th is a very looooooooong minigolf hole

You can barely see Emily as she tees-off

Nor me!

We had a very fun morning putting around the course. It's well worth a play

Playing the Les Mielles Miniature Golf course brought our total of course visits to 679. When we began our tour there were an estimated 600 courses in the UK! Sadly a large number of courses we've visited over the years have been unplayable for one reason or another. That's why in 2015 we visited the landmark 600th and 650th courses in Swanage and Padstow.

The 400th course we ever visited was at Salthouse Fields in Clevedon, Somerset in 2011.

It was great to play the most Southerly minigolf course in the British Isles. On our travels we've already played at the Easternmost courses (a Putting Green and Adventure Golf course in Lowestoft, Suffolk) and on the two highest courses - both on the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales. We're yet to play the most Northerly Crazy Golf course - although that only opened in April this year.

- Les Mielles Golf & Country Club

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