Sunday, August 01, 2010

Changes to the felt and mats at Watford TopGolf

Over the last month I've played the 18-hole Adventure Golf course at Watford TopGolf three times. Each time the course has been different!

Visit 1 - 7th July 2010

On my visit on the 7th July for a minigolf Challenge Match versus my old Dodgeball nemesis 'Rowdy' Russell Fenner the course was in much the same condition as it has been on our last few visits - a little worn in places, but quite playable. On this round I scored a new personal best at the course of 39(+3).

Visit 2 - 13th July 2010

On my visit on the 13th July a lot of pieces of felt were missing!? Most noticeably on the tee-off areas! Instead of felt the area was bare concrete. My best score in the two rounds played was 44(+8).

Visit 3 - 22nd July 2010

On my latest visit on the 22nd July the finishing touches had been made to the 'refurb', with new patches of felt over worn areas, aling with new tee-off areas of felt (which play incredibly slowly). I scored a disappointing 45(+9) on the 'new' course.

The 18th hole (which is one of the course's best challenges) also looks like it will soon be changed.

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