Monday, August 02, 2010

World Finger Jousting Federation's Fifth Anniversary

The World Finger Jousting Federation celebrated it's Fifth Anniversary on the 1st of August 2010!

In a message from Julian Gluck, aka The Lord of the Joust, he described to WFJF members how the sport has grown since the forming of the WFJF in August 2005 and that he is pleased with the way the game has been played by thousands of players worldwide. He also hinted at the 'major changes' that may follow over time and he thanked WFJF members and Finger Jousters everywhere for their support of the fun activity and the WFJF.

In the time since my debut I have battled against 27 different opponents from five countries, in 20 locations in the UK and Austria. I am currently on a 66 match unbeaten streak, with my last loss at the hands of Emily Gottfried on the 21st December 2006 in Luton, Beds! My latest victory was a Quick Play Rules defeat of Suffolk's number one Finger Jouster Kallum Harper on the 23rd July 2010.

My Career Finger Jousting Record:
Career Win-Loss Record Stats
Played 117
Won 105
Lost 9
Tied 3
% Won 89.74%

Matches (Since Official Membership of the WFJF)
Played 103
Won 96
Lost 4
Tied 3
% Won 93.20%

A video of a match pitting me (Squire Richard of Surleigh) against my Arch-Rival Sir Myles of Hampshire.

Montegue Blister and his Strange Games Blog have also covered the noble sport of Finger Jousting, you can read the post here.

Finger Jousting was also recently placed at number three in Montegue Blister's "Top 10 Strange Jousting Games" list!

I would like to congratulate The Lord of the Joust and the WFJF on reaching this milestone and I wish all the best to the WFJF in all their future endeavours!

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