Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cwmbran Darts Classic 2010

Prior to the 2010 Cystadleuaeth Minigolff Cymraeg (Welsh Minigolf Tournament) the participants warmed up their hand-eye coordination with the Cwmbran Darts Classic 2010.

Before the 2009 Cystadleuaeth Minigolff Cymraeg (Welsh Minigolf Tournament) the players competed in The Boules Invitational Tournament at The Mumbles, in Swansea (Abertawe), Wales, when Seve Kukielka defeated Richard Gottfried in the final.

The format for the Cwmbran Darts Classic 2010 saw six players split into two groups of three. Each player played each other in a 301 one-leg shootout, with the top two players from each group progressing to the semi-finals (Group A's winner would face the Runner-up from Group B and vice versa).

Eventually Cwmbran's own Leo 'Young Gun' Kukielka take the victory with a 2-1 victory over his father Jas 'Hob Nob' Kukielka (the 2009 Cystadleuaeth Minigolff Cymraeg champion).

Full results:
Group A
Jas Kukielka beat Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson lost to Richard Gottfried
Richard Gottfried lost to Jas Kukielka

Group B
Leo Kukielka beat Emily Gottfried
Emily Gottfried lost to Seve Kukielka
Leo Kukielka beat Seve Kukielka

Semi-final 1
Jas Kukielka beat Seve Kukielka

Semi-final 2
Leo Kukielka beat Richard Gottfried

Leo 'Young Gun' Kukielka bested Jas 'Hob Nob' Kukielka 2 legs to 1

Ranking positions
5th & 6th - Paul Johnson beat Emily Gottfried by getting nearest the Bull after neither player could checkout on a double!?

3rd & 4th - Richard Gottfried beat Seve Kukielka to take the podium (and a measure of revenge over his Petanque defeat in 2009)


Defeated finalist Jas Kukielka.

Leo lifts the trophy after his win.
Leo in action.

Jas in action.

'Squire' Richard in action.

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