Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Minigolf in Southend on Sea - The Southend Classic 2010

While in Southend on Sea for a family BBQ on Saturday 10th July 2010, my young cousin Ryan Jones challenged me to a game of Crazy Golf at the 18-hole Arnold Palmer course on the seafront.

I accepted the challenge and off we went for a round!

Also playing were Emily and another Cousin of mine, three year old Ronnie Jones (caddied by his mum Elaine).

The tournament - The Southend Classic - was contested over one 18-hole round. We were the third from last group out for the night, but eventually were the last group in!

The Southend Classic Results:
1. Richard Gottfried - 45(+9)
2. Emily Gottfried - 52(+16)
3. Ryan Jones - 64(+28)
4. Ronnie Jones - 101(+65) - but did not play from hole 13 (so scored 7's for holes 14-18)

Ryan played very well and beat me on holes 2, 3, 5 and 16! He also matched me on a few of the other holes too. Another player to watch out for in the future!

Ronnie played some excellent shots too, and some were far above those I'd expect from a three year old. He was knocking in alot of good 3's and even had a hole-in-one on the 12th (when me and Ryan had a 2 each, and Emily got a 3!)

The Water Wheel hole has a very fast moving set of blades (much faster than at Hastings Crazy Golf), this makes your tee-shot even more crucial!

The Classic Windmill hole!

After losing my ball on the second hole (!?) I had to go back to the hut and ask for another. Wary of giving me another 'good ball' this is what I was given to use for the next 16-holes!!!

Unfortunately none of us were able to ring the bell on the Top Hole.

Great fun. Looking forward to another round again soon.

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