Sunday, July 25, 2010

Felixstowe Minigolf July 2010 - Hollywood Holes Crazy Golf - Old New Minigolf Frames - Derelict Course - Adventure Golf

On Saturday 10th July 2010 we also headed to Felixstowe, Suffolk.

The Hollywood Holes Crazy Golf course is still there.

The old location for the Hollywood Holes actual course was being used for an Active Sports Event (a bit ironic).

The course that was going to be built is still in mothballs - piled up next to the Donkey Rides.

Previous visits - 1 and 2.

We played the 9-hole Adventure Golf course on the sea front.

In the Irregular Mini Golf Tour event, we drew on 27(+9).

We didn't play Mannings Magical Golf (Golf FX), as we were heading to a potential course in Saffron Walden.


Anonymous said...

These pictures aren't from the indoor adventure golf at Mannings!? (thats the listing I clicked on from the previous page...)

Richard Gottfried said...

Correct, these are photos from a re-visit trip to Felixstowe and all of the courses we had a look at/play of then.

Snaps of our visit to the Indoor Adventure Golf at Mannings can be found here here.

Thanks for the comment.