Thursday, October 24, 2019

World Tripe Day

Happy World Tripe Day.

Today is World Tripe Day. Will you be having any?

World Tripe Day is an opportunity for tripe lovers to celebrate their love of tripe.

Tripe stall at Newcastle market
Please ask for tripe

Ever since I first spotted tripe on a butcher's stall at Wigan Market in 2012 I've been following the Tripe Marketing Board with interest. Although not enough interest to have actually eaten tripe. I'm fairly certain that cow's stomach is something of an acquired taste. I do believe it's gluten free though.

Lots of tripe in Leeds
Lots of tripe in Leeds

The Tripe Marketing Board is dedicated to educating the public about eating tripe as part of a healthy, balanced diet and was formed as an industry-wide response to the continuing post-war decline in tripe sales in the UK. This was due to the ending of rationing, increasing affluence and a widespread perception that it is not fit for human consumption.

Stockport tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board told me that up until the 1960s you could find hundreds of tripe shops throughout Lancashire, with many of the shops run by United Cattle Products (UCP) and offering nose-to-tail food at the attached cafes and restaurants. 

Visit the Tripe Marketing Board website for more information about tripe. You can also use Tripe Adviser to locate sellers of the delicacy.

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