Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Crazy Golf at The Whitehouse Inn, Truro

There's a Crazy Golf course at The Whitehouse Inn, Truro, Cornwall.

I believe the minigolf course at The Whitehouse Inn is a fairly new addition to the pub. It's great to see a pub beer garden including the activity.

The course is a fibreglass layout made by the team at DK Fibreglass. I wonder if it's got a Humpty on it?

Crazy Golf course at Verulamium Park in St Albans
The course at The Whitehouse Inn is similar to this fibreglass layout we've seen a number of times on our travels

We've always been surprised at how few pubs have a miniature golf course set-up for customers. We'd certainly be inclined to visit more pubs and spend longer in them if they had fun activities too.

Crazy Golf at The Railway Hotel in Garswood, St Helens
The last pub beer garden Crazy Golf course we visited was at The Railway Hotel in Garswood, St Helens

We're looking forward to having a game on The Whitehouse Inn's Krazy Golf course when we're next down that way.

Back in 2015 we spent two weeks exploring the south west coast and visited 62 minigolf courses. Only one of those was at a pub.

Beer garden Crazy Golf at The Alexandra Inn Penzance, Cornwall
Beer garden Crazy Golf at The Alexandra Inn in Penzance, Cornwall

Minigolf is certainly booming at the moment and we have seen an increase in venues opening up as alternatives to the pub by offering a crazy, mini or adventure golf course combined with a bar, food and cocktails.

My Minigolf and Crazy Golf courses in Pub Beer Gardens blog post is due an update too as there have been a few more pub courses open up around the country.

Visit The Whitehouse Inn website for more information on the course.

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