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Basingstoke Golf Centre - New Mini Golf courses played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

Visit to the new 9-hole Minigolf course at Basingstoke Golf Centre and results of Minigolf Challenge Matches.

Basingstoke Golf Centre's new Mini Golf course
A view of the new 9-hole Minigolf course at Basingstoke Golf Centre

On Sunday 25th March Emily and I visited and played the 283rd and 284th Miniature Golf courses on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour at the Open Day Launch of a new Mini Golf course at Basingstoke Golf Centre in Hampshire. The weather for the day out playing minigolf could not have been better.

In our first round on the new 9-hole course I defeated Emily by two shots with a score of 19(+1) to her 21(+3).

Emily plays Hole 4
Emily plays Hole 4

In our next round we were joined by fellow GB international and two-time World Crazy Golf Champion Chris Harding. Chris scored a 16(-2), I had a 17(-1) and Emily hit a 19(+1).

At the event there were also two challenge matches, the first saw me, Emily, Chris and Basingstoke Golf Centre’s PGA Golf Professional Tony Cook play a one-round, 9-hole contest.

In the match Emily was the outright leader for the first seven holes, before Chris and I scored an ace each. This left a three-way tie for the lead with two to play. On hole eight I scored a two, while the other players each took a three. On the ninth Chris and I were both close to getting a hole-in-one but took twos, while Emily and Tony scored threes, meaning that I took the win. The scores from the match were:

- Richard Gottfried - 16(-2)
- Chris Harding - 17(-1)
- Emily Gottfried - 18(par)
- Tony Cook* - 22(+4)
* Tony is the course record holder, having previously scored a round of 14(-4)

Tony Cook, Richard Gottfried, Emily Gottfried & Chris Harding at Basingstoke Golf Centre's new Minigolf Course
From l-r Tony Cook, Richard Gottfried, Emily Gottfried & Chris Harding

In the team contest two teams of three players, led by me and Chris Harding, faced-off in a closely fought cumulative score strokeplay event. The players were selected by each of the team captains. I got first pick having upset Chris with a shock victory in a (best-of-3) Rock Paper Scissors match!

Minigolf at Basingstoke Golf Centre
I play a shot on hole 2 - I scored an ace!

On my team were Jon Angel and Danny Angel from the Great Britain Minigolf Team sponsors UrbanCrazy, with Chris’ team containing David McConnachie and Steve Gorton.

Mini Golf at Basingstoke Golf Centre
Team UrbanCrazy - Danny, Jon and Richard

Mini Golf at Basingstoke Golf Centre
Team Invincible - Chris, David and Scott

Mini Golf at Basingstoke Golf Centre
Me and Chris play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets the first pick of the players in the team challenge

My team won the challenge match with a total of 62(+8), with Chris’ team hitting 64(+10). The match was very back and forth, with the teams tying on a number of holes too. The final hole to be played - hole 5 - is probably the toughest on the course, so there was a nervy finish to the match.

I was once again the lowest scoring player, this time with a round of 18(par). Chris Harding and David McConnachie tied for second on 19(+1). Jon Angel scored a 21(+3), with Danny Angel on 23(+5) and Steve Gorton on 26(+8).

Mini Golf at Basingstoke Golf Centre
Playing hole 9 of the Mini Golf course during the team match

Chris, Emily and I also had one final friendly round on the course, with me and Chris both shooting a 16(-2) and Emily hitting a 24(+6).

The Mini Golf course at Basingstoke Golf Centre was designed and built by UrbanCrazy – the sponsors of the Great Britain Minigolf Team. Photos of the course are below:

Hole 1

Hole 2 and the Putting Course in the background

Hole 2

Hole 3

Hole 4

Hole 5 - a nasty dog leg left!

Hole 6

Hole 7 - a very short, but tricky hole

Hole 8

Hole 8

Hole 9

Hole 9

A view of holes 7, 8 & 9

The five-hole minigolf practice area

We also took the opportunity to test our Putting skills on the 8-hole Putting Green at the centre. Chris and I faced-off in a challenge match, with Chris getting the upper-hand and winning with a score of 19(+3) to my 20(+4).

I play hole 1 on the Putting Green

Miniature Golf Putting Course at Basingstoke Golf Centre
Chris on the Putting Green

The two courses were the first new ones to be visited and played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour in 2012 and the first since #282 at London’s Alexandra Palace back in December 2011.

Next stop... who knows where...!


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The Stance said...

Richard & Emily, fantastic photos and a great report!

Wasn't it interesting how difficult the shortest hole on the course was?!


Richard Gottfried said...

Thanks Jon.

The 7th hole was quite tricky indeed. I still can't believe nobody Aced it in the Team Challenge!?

Lemony said...


Thanks Jon. Great day out! Another great course too.

Deceptively tricky holes them short ones :)

Richard Gottfried said...

Photos of the new UrbanCrazy Mini Golf course taken by me and Emily at Basingstoke Golf Centre in Hampshire are now up online at MiniatureGolfer.com too.

Richard Gottfried said...

A cracking overhead photo view of the new Basingstoke Minigolf Course can be seen here.

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out the report about the launch of the new Basingstoke Golf Centre Minigolf course at the UrbanCrazy website at "Visit Basingstoke Minigolf Course!"

There's also a photo gallery from the event and a link to a video with an aerial view of the course being played on the public launch day!