Thursday, March 01, 2012

Miniature Golf Books for World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day today by picking up one of these books about Minigolf (and some other interesting sports and games).

With the 1st of March being World Book Day I thought I'd post some links and information on a selection of books about Minigolf/Crazy Golf and other Strange & Wacky Games that I highly recommend.

Nutters With Putters - Book, eBook & DVD - Crazy golf instructional DVD and Book from BMGA Tour Legends Tim 'Ace Man' Davies & John 'Big Top Ted' McIver. Covers a lot more besides Crazy Golf training too!?

10 Courses for 10 Years - Book - The Putting Penguin Minigolf Team have put together a great minigolf book "10 Courses for 10 Years" with reviews of ten Miniature Golf courses from their first ten years. It's available from

Beginner's Guide to Miniature Golf - Book - written by Lionel Bender, Peter Parr and Jon Angel this 16-page booklet was produced as an introduction to minigolf and to give hints and tips on improving your game.

Montegue Blister's Strange Games - Book and eBook - covers Mini and Crazy Golf, and a whole lot more in the world of Strange Games (includes another Ham & Egger Files favourite - Finger Jousting).

Wacky Nation - Book - Covers the World Crazy Golf Championships and 49 other Crazy Contests in the UK. The Wacky Nation team of Sally and James are also the organisers of the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships.

The Underdog -  Book - Written by the Arm-Wrestling, Backwards Running, Sumo Wrestler Joshua Davis. The website also has links to loads of other 'Underdog' Sports and Games where you can find out more before you 'Enter The Fray'Miniature Golf gets a listing there too.

The Crazy Golf Museum has a listing of books that cover Miniature Golf, you can view them over at "Miniature golf in books". Of the books listed Andy Miller's 2002 book Tilting at Windmills: How I Tried to Stop Worrying and Love Sport is well worth a read. I picked up a copy before I joined the British Minigolf Association back in 2006 and have re-read it a few times since then.

The 2004 book In Search Of The Tiger: A Golfing Odyssey by Ian Stafford is another great read and has an excellent chapter on the time the author represented Great Britain at the European Minigolf Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. You can read Tim 'Ace Man' Davies' report from the tournament here. The event has gone down in history as the British Team managed to defeat a Finnish Player, one Tervaskangas Anssi, due to the fact that he got stang off of a wasp and was forced to retire after only three of the eight rounds of play had been completed.

If you'd like to recommend any other sports books that you think are worth a read, or have spotted Miniature Golf mentioned in a book, let me know in the comments below...

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World Book Day 2015 is on 5 March. Check out my blog post on the event.