Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Luton is still a Town

Luton fails in bid to become a City.

Luton has failed in its bid to become a City as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. A total of 25 towns in the UK put in a City Status Bid, with the winners announced today.

Chelmsford, Essex; Perth, Scotland and St Asaph, Wales were the three towns honoured with new City Status.

The Luton Town Coat of Arms – granted in 1876. The crest shows a wheatsheaf (representing agriculture and straw supplied to the town’s hat trade), a bee (the traditional emblem of industry), a beehive (representing the town’s famous straw-plaiting industry), a rose (from the arms of the Napier family from Luton Hoo) and a thistle (a symbol for Scotland and on the Luton Coat of Arms either because of the Napier’s link to Scotland via the straw-plaiting industry, or the Marquess of Bute who was a former owner of Luton Hoo). Source:


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