Friday, March 02, 2012

Howard the Celeriac

A cartoon website about Coeliac Disease.

Over on twitter I was recently followed by Howard the Celeriac. I thought the user had an odd name and avatar, but I clicked through and saw that their tweets were Gluten-related. This led me to have a look on the Celeriacs website and I was very pleased that I did.

Howard the Celeriac's cartoons about life as a 'Celeriac' are brilliant and as someone with Coeliac Disease I have experienced many of the situations too! I've not been called a Celeriac that often, but I have been asked about what it's like to be a Solero!?

Also, I often get told that it's 'funny' that I live in Luton, but can't eat Gluten.

Do check out the cartoons over at Howard the Celeriac's website and give him a follow on twitter.


Richard Gottfried said...

The excellent Cartoonist who is a Coeliac / World Famous Celeriac / Coeliac Cartoonist 'Howard the Celeriac' has drawn three cartoons based on suggestions of mine :-)

You can check them out at the following links (do check out his first ever comic strip and all the others too)

- "Special steak"
- "Lunchtime"
- "Sandwich shop story"

Richard Gottfried said...

Do have a read of the latest comic strip from Howard the Celeriac - "Buying gluten free cereal – a guide."