Wednesday, July 22, 2020


A look at Cooltrader shops.

Cooltrader in Blackpool
Cooltrader in Blackpool. Can you see the tower?

One of my favourite fairly obscure supermarket brands. What's yours?

Cooltrader in Stockport
Cooltrader in Edgeley, Stockport. The first branch of the chain I saw

Cooltrader was formerly a brand owned by Iceland. 54 of the 58 Cooltrader stores were bought by Heron Foods in 2012. Heron Foods is now owned by B&M. Some Heron Foods shops are located in old Woolworths sites.

Cooltrader in Blackpool
The closed Cooltrader in Blackpool

Cooltrader in Shrewsbury
Cooltrader in Shrewsbury. One of only two I've seen open on my travels

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