Sunday, June 07, 2020

Parlor Golf

A look at a minigolf game from 1930.

The Crazy Golf Museum is home to a number of interesting, fun and old items from the world of miniature golf.

One such item that ticks all three boxes is this, Parlor Golf from 1930. The game was made by Parlor Golf MFGR. Co. of La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA.

Parlor Golf, 1930

The set instructs players on how to create an 18-hole course by using the four wooden base plates and five obstacles.

Parlor Golf, 1930

By making the holes shorter and varying the placement of the obstacles you can create even more combinations.

Parlor Golf, 1930

Check out the Crazy Golf Museum website for more minigolf toys and games.

Do you have a favourite putting game, minigolf board game, or know of any others? Do let us know.

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