Sunday, October 23, 2016

End of the Petanque season in Stockport. Or is it...

Playing Pétanque at Alexandra Park in Edgeley, Stockport.

Today's session of Pétanque in the Park with the Woodstock Pétanque Club was scheduled to be the last of the season. But with the nice weather and good turnout of players the club are looking at rolling on into the winter months, weather permitting.

Pétanque at Alexandra Park in Edgeley, Stockport
Lovely weather and excellent company. What sport is all about

In today's session I walked away with a 100% win record. Albeit having only played one match as I was otherwise engaged prior to the normal 1pm start time.

Boules in Stockport
My bright new coche. With my shinyish newish boules

The format of play at the Woodstock Pétanque Club is great fun. It's easy to get involved and pick up the sport and well worth a go if you've never played before.

In our game - the last of three in the afternoon - I was drawn in a triples team with Jackie and Barbara to take on the pair of Paul and Andrew. In this type of situation each of the players in the team of three use two boules each, while the duo get to use three boules each.

Boules in Stockport with the Woodstock Petanque Club
What a match-up the blind drew created

With some very close ends played and some fine shooting and pointing from all the players we emerged as winners with a 13-8 scoreline.

The Woodstock Pétanque Club meets-up on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. New players are very welcome. It costs just £10 for the annual membership, with a £1 fee per week when you play - with prizes up for grabs for results over the three games played. The 'normal' season runs from March to October. Check out the Woodstock Pétanque Club's website for more details.

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