Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Best/Hardest 10 Hole 10th Anniversary Tourney

Report by Tim 'Ace Man' Davies of via the UnOfficial Minigolf Forum:

Yes is 10 years old and 13 hardy souls braved the elements to test their mettle in the shortest but most meaningful tournament in the World.

The best/hardest/most feared/favourite 10 hole 10th anniversary tournament.

The reigning champion left before it started, that's how tough it is.

After 10 testing holes (Holes 2,5,8,9,10,13,14,16,17,18 on Hastings Seafront Crazy Golf - The Arnold Palmer Putting Course) it came down to a play-off.

Both Big Top Ted and Hole in One Kenobi were 2 under. They played holes 15, 7 and finally hole 11 to decide the winner. Unfortunately the winner, Michael Smith, has been banned from the WCs. A prize everyone else didn't want. Still it wasn't announced until after it was decided.

Other noteable moments included MISS Chapman imploding at the 16th and Donkey Gringo being DQ'd for scoring 27 and coming last.

1. Michael Smith 18
2. John McIver 18
3. Sean Homer 19
4= Nick Chitty 20
4= Squire
4= Ace
7= Chris Harding 21
7= The Fist
7= TK Max
10= Emily Gottfried 23
10= Miss Chapman
12. The Crazy Aced Assassin 26
13. Donkey 'Ketamine' Gringo 27

Results of the '9 Best' Crazy Golf Championships held in October 2009.


Ace said...

No one who has won this competition has ever won the World Crazy Golf Championships.

Richard Gottfried said...

I'll be trying my hardest to tie for fourth again next year too then ;-)

Although I was tied third last year.

Fifth in 2011?

Ace Man said...

We've all got you down as 17th!!

Richard Gottfried said...

A safe bet even if there are only 16 competitors ;-)