Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ping Pong Challenge Match at Wardown Park, Luton

On Sunday 28th November Emily and I headed to Luton's Wardown Park to play some Table Tennis in preparation for my participation in the upcoming "World Series of Pong" Ping Pong Tournament!

In a best-of-three sets match, played in somewhat snowy conditions, I managed to defeat Emily 21-6, 21-19, followed by a 5-2 victory in a one-off first-to-five-points challenge match.

With two Sunday's worth of singles Ping Pong Practice under my belt I feel confident ahead of the upcoming World Series of Pong Slam Jam Grand Final Doubles Tournament in Tooting!

Match Introduction


Last Sunday I lost to Simon 'Practice' Hall at the Wardown Park Ping Pong table.

About the World Series of Pong

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