Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Flavours of India Cup - Minigolf Tournament in Hastings

The Flavours of India Cup 2010

The 2010 Edition of the Tournament* saw the rankings as follows:
1. Marc Chapman
2. Pasi Aho
3. Keith Kellard
4. Scott Lancley
5. Richard Gottfried
6. Kevin Moseley
7. Steve Gow
- Emily Gottfried - DNP
- Anna Green - DNP

* The rankings of this Unofficial Competition are based on the final results from the World Crazy Golf Championships and player eligibility was determined by those players who went to the Flavours of India Restaurant in Hastings on Saturday 30th October 2010.


Anonymous said...

Get your facts right Squire you were 5th!!!!!!!!!

Richard Gottfried said...

Indeed I was DG. Thank goodness there's a photo to prove you were there too.

For a moment I thought you were lost in Hastings too!