Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Minigolf Course Visit No. 128 - Pembrey / Pen-Bre Country Park

The next Minigolf course visit on our Welsh Crazy Golfing road trip took us to Pembrey (Pen-Bre) Country Park.

The course was described as a Crazy Golf course, but reminded me a lot of Eternit/Beton types of course. Very tough in places, but with a bit of practice there could be plenty of Ace opportunities.

Crazy Golf at Pembrey Country Park
Crazy Golf at Pembrey Country Park
Crazy Golf at Pembrey Country Park
The golf area also had a Pitch & Putt course and a two-hole Putting Green (below):

Mini Golf Putting at Pembrey Country Park
In the two-hole Putting Green challenge, I beat Emily 4 shots to 5.

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MiniGolfOllie said...

I have been invited to a minigolf event here in February. Looks a little exposed.

Richard Gottfried said...

What's the event?

If you can, use your own Putter and a selection of Dead Balls. It's very like Eternit and Beton. Course and Golf balls won't be too good.

Richard Gottfried said...

There's a new Crazy Golf course at Pembrey Country Park in Wales.