Friday, August 17, 2018

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool

A visit to play Graffiti Golf in Blackpool.

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool

After visiting more than 800 courses since 2006 you'd think we'd have run out of new things to see on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour. But you'd be wrong.

For last week we played a course in Blackpool that had a Graffiti Pirate theme!

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool
Pirate Graffiti Golf! I suppose all graffiti is technically a 'pirate' activity

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool

Back in 2009 the course was a 'normal' indoor Pirate Adventure Golf course and the 151st played on our travels. Since then the venue has changed hands a couple of times. In 2016 it was a Merlin Pirate Adventure Mini Golf course.

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool

This time however things were very different again as the layout is now a UV glow in the dark experience.

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool
We all score a hole-in-one, except Jo. Although none of us aced this hole

In our match-up on the Graffiti Golf course Emily won with a round of 31. I was runner-up on 35, with Emily's sister Jo and our nephew Luke tied on 39.

Graffiti Golf in Blackpool
Emily on her way to victory

Visit the Graffiti Golf website for more information, opening times and prices.

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