Thursday, August 09, 2018

Funny signs in Stockport

Spotting a number of legitimate businesses around Stockport.

On our travels we're always on the lookout for funny signs, bootlegs and parodies. Living in Stockport we don't often have to look that far.

Here are a few of the gangster-related signs and business names we've seen.

Godfather takeaway in Hazel Grove, Stockport
The king of takeaways

Godfrey Wright in Edgeley, Stockport
I recognise that font

The Wash Father in Edgeley
The Wash Father in Edgeley. I wonder if they do laundry too

Al Capone's in Cheadle
Somewhere for a Valentine's Day meal in Cheadle perhaps

Al Pacino takeaway in Stockport town centre

One of my all-time favourite bootleg takeaways is Instascran in Heaviley, Stockport.

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