Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Crazy Golf in Towyn

No sign of the Crazy Golf course we played in Towyn in 2009.

Back in August 2009 we embarked on a BIG minigolf road-trip around the coast of Wales and while en route to Rhyl we swung by Knightly's Amusement Park in Towyn where we unexpectedly found a Crazy Golf course next to a car park.

Crazy Golf course in Towyn
One of the holes on the nice 9-hole course in Towyn back in 2009

Fast forward to September 2017 and we were once again heading along the North Wales coast and had the chance to visit Towyn. This time the large sign at the junction listed 'Mini Golf' on it, however when we had a look the great little Crazy Golf course we'd played in 2009 had been turned into a car park!

Sign for Knightly's Leisure Centre & Fun Fair in Towyn
Mini Golf on a sign

Car Park in Towyn
They paved paradise...

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