Thursday, January 05, 2012

Todays Escape Route!

An odd sign spotted at Ally Pally.

While playing the Crazy Golf course at Alexandra Palace I noticed an interestingly positioned sign.

An interesting exit route! For today at least!

The best thing about the photo is that the blue doors are padlocked shut too, so the ladder may be the best bet!

- Crazy Golf at Alexandra Palace in London - Course played #282
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Lemony said...

Best picture ever :)

Richard Gottfried said...

My 'Todays Escape Route' photo spotted at the Ally Pally Crazy Golf course has been printed on page 52 of today's Daily Mirror :-) The caption is "Now that's a sign of panic".

Richard Gottfried said...

Pick up a copy of this week's ShortList Magazine (out today - 02/02/2012) to see my 'Todays Escape Route' Crazy Golf photo on Danny Wallace’s page :-)

The caption is ‘GET OUT OF HERE’.

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out Danny Wallace's page and my Crazy Golf Escape Route photo on the ShortList website at "Danny Wallace is A Man" - it'll be viewable for a week today!

Richard Gottfried said...

My funny ‘Todays Escape Route’ sign has been printed in today’s Daily Mail Peterborough Column – Page.56 (16/02/12).

The caption for the photo is 'Last Exit' in the Sign Language section.