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2012 Luton Invitational Minigolf Tournament - New Year's Day Crazy Golf at Woodside Animal Farm

Results and photos from the 2012 Luton Invitational Minigolf Tournament at Woodside Animal Farm, Slip End Village near Luton.

Luton's Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried became the first player to retain the Luton Invitational Tournament title as she defeated 'Squire' Richard Gottfried in the 2012 edition of the competition.

Reigning Luton Invitational Tournament minigolf champion Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried with the 2012 LIT prize of a magnetic Rat 

Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried tees-off on hole one to begin what would be her successful defence of the LIT title

The fourth staging of the event saw only two players compete as Simon 'Practice' Hall failed to make the 2pm tee-off time as he was in no condition to perform.

Emily won the tournament with a score of 47(+11) to Richard's 49(+13), with Emily hitting two Aces on the 18-hole course. Richard scored zero holes-in-one.

Two-time Luton I.T. Minigolf Champion Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried said "I am very pleased to be the first LIT Champion to retain my title, and I am obviously also very happy with my successful start to 2012."

'Squire' Richard Gottfried said "Well played to Lemony for a big minigolf win to start the new year. I always enjoyed starting the year by visiting Woodside Animal Farm. I was disappointed not to win the competition though and doubly annoyed to have fallen over and hurt my knee on the hill on the 15th hole. This year the animals were in high spirits too and we saw two Pigs attempting what looked to be a Piggyback! I think they failed though!"

Simon 'Practice' Hall said "I'm planning to be back in action at the 2013 edition of the event and hopefully it'll be taking place in the French Riviera."

Since 2010 the Luton Invitational Minigolf Tournament has been the traditional opening Miniature Golf event of the year on the Irregular Mini Golf Tour. In 2010 the players faced-off in arctic cold weather conditions, while 2011 was played in heavy drizzle. 2012's weather was mild, but drizzly.

Luton Invitational Tournament Honours Board:
2012 - Emily Gottfried
2011 - Emily Gottfried
2010 - Richard Gottfried
2006 - Joanne Tubby

On the 1st of January each year Woodside Animal Farm opens for a New Year's Day Party to raise money for the Keech Cottage Children's Hospice and Grove House charities.

Video: 'Squire' Richard Gottfried introduces the LIT from Hole 15 of the Woodside Crazy Golf course

Photos of the Luton Invitational Tournament on the Woodside Crazy Golf course:

Emily on Hole 2 - Chicken Run

Emily on her way to scoring a 7 on Hole 7. This would not dent her chances of the win though 

Emily on the Pond Drop hole

Richard on Hole 2 - Chicken Run

Richard on a downhill hole

A tricky second Putt for Richard

Richard on the 'Bags of Fun' hole

Richard 'drives' the Tractor on Hole 18

Photos of our wander around Woodside Animal Farm:

Richard feeds a Miniature Pony

An Alpaca eats some Carrot

The Minature (sic) Ponies!
One of the Pigs

Some Flamingoes

A couple of Lemurs

Archive of LIT Minigolf Results 2006-2012:

2012 Luton Invitational Tournament Results:
1. Emily Gottfried - 47 (+11)
2. Richard Gottfried - 49 (+13)

2011 Luton Invitational Tournament Results:
1. Emily Gottfried - 43 (+7)
2. Richard Gottfried - 51 (+15)
3. Simon Hall - 54 (+18)
4. Mystery Player - 57 (+21)

2010 Luton Invitational Tournament Results:
1. Richard Gottfried - 46 (+10)
2T. Emily Gottfried - 54 (+18)
Mystery Player - 54 (+18)
4. Simon Hall - 57 (+21)

2007-2009 - Luton Invitational Tournament:

Not Played

2006 Luton Invitational Tournament Results*:
1. Jo Tubby - 54 (par)
2. Emily Gottfried - 56 (+2)
3. Richard Gottfried - 62 (+8)
* Note: Par used was 'Course Par' of 3 shots per hole, rather than '
BMGA Par' of 2 shots per hole.

The Woodside Animal Farm Crazy Golf course was the 4th course ever to be played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour back on the 27th October 2006. As of January 1st 2012 Emily and Richard have visited 444 Miniature Golf courses on the Tour.

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