Friday, January 06, 2012

Putter King Miniature Golf Hole Design Contest - Vote for the Best of the Top 3

The Putter King Miniature Golf Hole Design Contest deadline has passed and the three winners have been declared.

The three Hole Designs will be added as a free update to the Putter King Adventure Golf app for iOS and Android.

The top three Minigolf Hole Designs have now been put through to a final stage of voting to decide which will win the cash prize.

The winning designs were:
- Island Moai Statues
- PK's Crown
- Putter King Car Course

You can vote at the Putter King contest page on facebook. Voting ends on Sunday 15th of January 2012.

My Miniature Golf Hole Design for the competition - The Jewel in the Crown - was voted as the sixth best of 30 design submissions.

- The Putter King website
- Putter King App Hole Design Vote on facebook
- My hole design (sadly not a winner) – The Jewel in the Crown
- Early Details of the 2nd Annual Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt Released

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