Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Blogging Minigolf Team - Richard Gottfried & Seth Thomas Team Up

Following the pairing of myself and fellow minigolf blogger Oliver 'The Machine' Florence in the 2011 Green Doubles minigolf tournament in Hither Green, me and NKOTBB* Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas teamed up for a challenge match at Dorridge against the duo of The Smiths.

Seth (l) and me in our 'internet' t-shirts earlier in the BMGA Minigolf Season at Dorridge. Fellow blogger and a former doubles partner of mine, Oliver 'The Machine' Florence is also pictured lurking in the background

Our team - named Looting** - defeated the team of Chris 'WMD' Smith & Michael 'Hole In One Kenobi' Smith 4&2 in the 12-hole Matchplay Match at the Four Ashes Golf Centre in Dorridge. In doing so Seth became my 18th Minigolf Doubles Team Mate since the 17th of May 2008 when Emily and I teamed up in a losing effort against Sean Homer & Marion Homer (aka Casual Force) in our debut at the BMGA British Doubles Championships in Warwick.

In early October 2011 I also teamed with Michael 'HIOK' Smith as the Oxfordshire Mini Golf Club in a victory over James 'The Rocket' Rutherford & Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried from the Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club in a grudge match between the two counties. I am yet to team with Chris 'WMD' Smith. Although he has teamed with Emily, when they were runners-up in the Weymouth Open Team Tournament in October 2011 (which me and fellow Midlands Minigolf Club team mate Chris 'Who' Harding won)!

My 19th team mate in Miniature Golf doubles competition was the Scottish International and renowned apathetic Crazy Golfer Guy Martin, when we teamed up in the 'Pro-Am' event at the Oliver Florence Birthday Invitational Tournament at New Malden in December 2011.

The BIG minigolf question now is - Who will be my next, and landmark 20th, Minigolf Doubles Team Mate?

My Many Many Many Minigolf Doubles Partners (2008-2011):
1 Emily Gottfried
2 Matt Smith
3 Andy Gonsalves
4 Owen Johnson
5 Paul Johnson
6 Kevin Moseley
7 Chris Harding
8 Simon Hall
9 Leo Kukielka
10 Christopher Gottfried
11 Alan Norman
12 Oliver Florence
13 Julio Kent
14 Richard Skeggs
15 William Collins
16 Scott Lancley
17 Michael Smith
18 Seth Thomas
19 Guy Martin

My Minigolf Doubles Record:

Click to enlarge image

*New Kid On The Blogging Block
** aka The Bloggards, aka Quantity and Quality, aka Insquired, aka Clock of the Walk, aka Sqock Won, aka Bloggy Brilliant, aka Why have I spent 8 ruddy minutes thinking up team names!?

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