Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Holidays at home - Stockport, 2020

Who needs the Giza Necropolis in Egypt or the Luxor in Las Vegas when you've got the Stockport Pyramid in Kings Valley.

Stockport Pyramid
With nowhere to go on holiday this year we've been exploring the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport even more than usual. We had a nice walk around the Stockport Pyramid and along the Trans Pennine Trail yesterday evening 

The Stockport Pyramid was completed in 1992 and was originally planned to be the first of five pyramids in Stockport's own Valley of the Kings.

That plan didn't come to fruition and the Stockport Pyramid sits on in the Kings Valley industrial and trading estate next to the M60.

Until last year the Stockport Pyramid was home to The Co-operative Bank. It's now To Let.

I do like seeing quirky buildings and local follies.

The Pyramid is one of a number of superb landmarks and interesting buildings in Stockport.

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