Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Pitch & Plakks now available to pre-order online

The new Pitch & Plakks minigolf game is available to pre-order online.

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Pitch & Plakks indoor miniature golf game

We found out about Pitch & Plakks minigolf course toy back in May and backed the Kickstarter to get the game made.

Pitch & Plakks will be released in November and we're looking forward to receiving this early Christmas present.

You can pre-order the game - with a discount - online now.

We love playing minigolf, outdoors and indoors - whether it's a full size course, a video game or a board game we're super competitive! It'll be interesting to see who wins our games - and how many arguments we'll have while playing it...

Pitch & Plakks is the second game from the team at Plakks after they successfully launched the Plakks football game in 2019.

Pitch & Plakks indoor miniature golf game

You can pre-order Pitch & Plakks through this link. Any purchases made through it will also support us to continue bringing you brilliant minigolf content.

Pitch & Plakks is going to be a nice addition to our collection of minigolf toys, games and board games.

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