Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ribenary Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf in Ribena's new marketing campaign.

Ribenary Crazy Golf

I was excited to hear about the new marketing campaign from Ribena as it includes Crazy Golf!

Ribenary Crazy Golf
Hole 1 is called Blackcurrant Forest. That looks like a tricky loop-di-loop (and a sneak 'Pro' shot being played around the obstacle)

The three-hole Crazy Golf course is showcasing the Ribena Flavour range - with a hole for Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Mango. As well as offering a game of Crazy Golf the Ribenary campaign team are also giving out samples of the drinks. I've heard that the course has also used scent technology to give players a whiff of the different flavours as they play.

Ribenary Crazy Golf
Make sure to grab a drink after your round of Ribenary Crazy Golf

The Ribenary Crazy Golf course looks really good and it's a nice touch that they've got scorecards for players to use and keep.

Ribenary Crazy Golf
Over the rainbow bridge on the Strawberry flavoured hole 2. Hole 3 features a 'Mango Maze'!

The campaign has been running since the end of July and will continue into September. So far the Ribena-themed Crazy Golf course has popped up in Cardiff, Bristol, Reading and Swindon.

This week the Ribenary Golf course is in Liverpool and Manchester. With the course rolling into Glasgow, Newcastle, Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton, Sheffield and Leeds in the coming weeks.

On our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour we've played minigolf in most of the towns on the list. Cardiff, Reading, Southampton, Sheffield and Leeds are all on our 'to visit' list.

Check out the #RibenaryGolf hashtag on Twitter and the Ribena website for more information.

Ribenary Crazy Golf
You can't get more Ribenary than a BIG strawberry on a Ribena-themed minigolf course!

I'm feeling thirsty now!

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