Thursday, January 01, 2015

Mini Golf Days in 2015

Important dates for your minigolf diary.

Richard Gottfried playing Crazy Golf in Hastings
Playing Crazy Golf in Hastings

2015 will see three 'Mini Golf Days' taking place around the world.

- National Miniature Golf Day (a quasi-official US holiday) takes place on the second Saturday in May and this year will be on Saturday 9th of May.

- Miniature Golf Day is always on the 21st of September, which this year falls on a Monday.

- In Austria 'Minigolf Tag' (Minigolf Day) has taken place for the last five years. This year's event will be on Sonntag 3 Mai. Visit the Minigolf Tag website and Facebook page for details of the 2015 edition.

There are tens of thousands of miniature golf courses of all shapes and sizes around the world and millions of people play a round each year.

Emily Gottfried playing at the Splash Point Mini Golf course at Denton Gardens in Worthing
Emily playing at the Splash Point Mini Golf course at Denton Gardens in Worthing

On the serious competition side of things there are over 38,000 Minigolf players in 46 nations that are members of the World Minigolf Sport Federation. They play on the 1,000 courses approved for over 1,500 Minigolf tournaments each year.

On Twitter each Monday is #MinigolfMonday, so hashtag your Crazy, Mini and Adventure Golf posts.

Of course, with so many courses to play (indoors and out), any and every day can be MINIGOLF DAY if you like.

Check out the links below for details of miniature golf courses around the world. Emily and I have visited almost 600 courses on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour to date.

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Richard Gottfried said...

Adventure Landing in Buffalo, New York will be celebrating National Miniature Golf Day on 9 May 2015 by offering the first 100 guests at the park a FREE Mini Golf Season Pass when they buy a "Super Saturday" Pass.

For more information check out the Facebook event for Adventure Landing's celebration of National Miniature Golf Day.

- Adventure Landing Buffalo website
- Adventure Landing Buffalo Twitter
- Adventure Landing Buffalo Facebook
- Adventure Landing website

Richard Gottfried said...

Minigolf-Sport-Club Union-Alt-Erlaa will be celebrating this year's Minigolf Tag (Minigolf Day) with Gratis Minigolf on between 10am and 6pm on Sonntag 3 Mai 2015.

For more information on MSC Union-Alt-Erlaa visit their website.

Details of Minigolf Tag can be found on the event website and Facebook group.

Richard Gottfried said...

Adventure Golf & Raceway in Westminster, Colorado, USA is hosting a National Miniature Golf Day event on Saturday 9 May 2015. Check out the Facebook page for more details.

The venue has three 18-hole miniature golf courses. For more information check out the Adventure Golf & Raceway website.

- Adventure Golf & Raceway website
- Adventure Golf & Raceway on Facebook
- Adventure Golf & Raceway on Twitter
- Adventure Golf & Raceway 'National Miniature Golf Day' event page

Richard Gottfried said...

Adventure Landing in the USA owns and operates eleven theme parks in four states and each site offers miniature golf.

For this year's National Miniature Golf Day on Saturday 9 May a number of the Adventure Landing theme parks are offering FREE Mini Golf Season Passes. For full details and terms check out the websites and Facebook pages of the parks.

As well as minigolf courses there is other affordable fun and entertainment on offer including amusement arcades, laser tag, batting cages, waterparks and more.

I look forward to one day visiting some of the parks to play some minigolf.

Adventure Landing also owns a number of other fun centres around the USA and two of those have National Miniature Golf Day offers - Cool Crest Fun Center in Independence, MO and All Star Adventures in Wichita, KS.

For more information visit the Adventure Landing website and links below.

- Adventure Landing website
- Adventure Landing Jacksonville Beach, FL
- Adventure Landing Jacksonville, FL
- Adventure Landing St. Augustine, FL
- Adventure Landing Dallas, TX
- Adventure Landing Raleigh, NC
- Adventure Landing Gastonia, NC
- Adventure Landing Winston-Salem, NC
- Adventure Landing Buffalo, NY
- Adventure Landing Greece, NY
- Adventure Landing Wheatfield, NY
- Adventure Landing Charlotte, NC

National Miniature Golf Day Facebook event pages:
- Jacksonville Beach, FL
- Jacksonville, FL
- St. Augustine, FL
- Dallas, TX
- Raleigh, NC
- Winston-Salem, NC
- Buffalo, NY
- Greece, NY

Richard Gottfried said...

Wednesday 15 April 2015 was National Golf Day in the USA and organised by WE ARE GOLF.


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Richard Gottfried said...

May 2015 is 'National Golf Month'.

National Golf Month gives golf clubs the opportunity to promote offers through the National Golf Month website to reach both lapsed and new golfers.

- National Golf Month website
- National Golf Month on Twitter
- National Golf Month on Facebook

Richard Gottfried said...

On National Miniature Golf Day 2015 Putt-Putt Funhouse in Webster, Texas has a special offer for the BIG minigolf day.

Players buying a round of Putt-Putt can play free all day long!

Check out the Putt-Putt FunHouse website for more information.

- Putt-Putt FunHouse website
- Putt-Putt FunHouse on Facebook
- Putt-Putt FunHouse on Twitter

Richard Gottfried said...

Adventure Park USA in Maryland has some offers for National Mini Golf Day on Saturday 9 May. Check out the links below for details.

- Adventure Park USA website
- Adventure Park USA on Facebook
- Adventure Park USA on Twitter

Richard Gottfried said...

Funtasticks family fun park in Tucson, Arizona will be celebrating National Miniature Golf Day on Saturday 9 May. Check out the links below for details.

- Funtasticks website
- Funtasticks on Facebook
- Funtasticks on Twitter

Richard Gottfried said...

For National Miniature Golf Day 2015 we were in the English seaside resort of Skegness. So we had to have a tournament.

Skegness has 110-holes spread over ten Crazy, Mini, Adventure, Putting and Pitch & Putt courses! The most of any town in the UK.

We played a four-round tournament on Saturday 9 May 2015 - Report from the 2015 National Miniature Golf Day Championship in Skegness.

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out the Putterfingers blog post "Celebrated National Miniature Golf Days in 2015"

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out the website of the Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. They'll be celebrating Miniature Golf Day on Monday 21st September!

- Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant