Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crazy Golf in Felixstowe

Revisiting the indoor minigolf course at Manning's Amusements in Felixstowe.

We played the indoor Adventure Golf course at Manning's on our last trip to Felixstowe in November 2014 and we always visit the arcade and course when in town.

Indoor mini golf course at Manning's Amusements in Felixstowe
On our most recent visit to Felixstowe we noticed the sign for Sands Diner has an arrow pointing out the 'Crazy Golf' at Mannings. There are two other minigolf signs at Mannings - one for 'Indoor Adventure Golf' and one for 'Magical Golf'

Indoor crazy golf course at Manning's Amusements in Felixstowe
We were up and about nice and early on our Saturday morning seaside stroll and saw a sight we'd never seen before - the doors to the Golf-FX Magical Golf course were closed!

We didn't have time to play the course this time, but we'll be back again for a round on the tricky layout later this year.

Check out the links and blog posts below for more information on Manning's Amusements and photos of the course from our many visits over the years.

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