Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dinner time - a gluten free mystery meal

When you're a Coeliac what do you have at dinner (or tea) time?

Udi's gluten free asked on Facebook "Is your evening meal Dinner or Tea where you are? And more importantly....what are you making?"

Well, here in Leagrave (the sunny part of Luton) we call it dinner. When Udi's asked I didn't have a clue what we'd be having, but Emily obliged with the answer "It's turkey meatballs with tomato and basil sauce. All gluten free. Obviously."

And it was very good indeed. Absolutely delicious.

Gluten free turkey meatballs with tomato and basil sauce by Emily Gottfried
The rustic gluten free turkey meatballs with tomato & basil sauce, served with Gallo gluten free spaghetti 

As someone with Coeliac Disease every day can be a struggle to eat and drink safely. It can also be pretty stressful and annoying, so it's brilliant that Emily cooks up some brilliant gluten & wheat free meals for us to enjoy.

Check out the Facebook thread that started the discussion and have a look at the blog posts and links below for more information on the range of gluten free food from Udi's. They do some really great products.

My current favourite breakfast/brunch/lunch/snack/pudding is an Udi's gluten free Chocolate Chip Bagel, toasted and topped with a sliced banana.

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And very tasty it was too :)