Saturday, April 27, 2013

Playing Minigolf in the towns of Tywyn and Towyn in Wales

Visits to the Welsh towns of Tywyn and Towyn on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

A recent BBC news report told how a sat-nav mistake saw a driver take a school bus 80 miles in the wrong direction ending up in Towyn rather than Tywyn!

On our roadtrip of Wales in 2009 we managed to visit 43 Miniature Golf courses and play 28 of them. We also managed to play Crazy Golf in both Tywyn and Towyn.

The 138th course was a 15-hole Crazy Golf course at Tywyn Leisure Park on Marine Parade in Tywyn. The Leisure Park was an excellent set-up and there was also Bowls, Tennis, Skittles and a Putting Course to play. We only had time on our visit to play the Crazy Golf and the Skittles. It’s well worth a visit.

Richard on the Crazy Golf course at Tywyn Leisure Park in Tywyn, not Towyn

Emily plays a shot on the 15-hole Crazy Golf course in Tywyn, not Towyn

On the road to Rhyl we found what would be the 144th course played. The 9-hole Crazy Golf course at Knightly's Amusements and Fun Park on Sandbank Road was a surprise as we hadn’t planned to visit the town of Towyn. We had spotted a sign advertising Knightly’s and decided to have a look. We were glad we did as it was a bustling street full of seaside fun!

Richard Putting at Knightly's Funpark in Towyn, not Tywyn

Emily playing Crazy Golf in Towyn, not Tywyn

Both Tywyn and Towyn are well worth a visit, whether you find yourself in the wrong place or not I'm sure you'll find plenty to do.

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