Friday, April 05, 2013

Dragon Quest Adventure Golf at World of Golf in Croydon

A visit to the Dragon Quest Adventure Golf course at World of Golf in Croydon.

The second part of the inaugural Will Donnelly Invitational Minigolf Tournament saw us all head from Kelsey Park's Minigolf course in Beckenham to the nearby World of Golf Centre in Croydon which is home to an 18-hole Dragon Quest Adventure Golf course! 

A view of the 18-hole tropical Dragon Quest Adventure Golf. In Croydon!

Emily looks distracted as tournament organiser Will Donnelly plays a tricky second shot

Taking a shot at the Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

The visit to the Dragon Quest Adventure Golf course was number 526 overall on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour and the 316th course played since September 2006!

A view of the course. Note the GIANT catapult to the right of the photo!

After the day of Minigolf we set off on our way to Guildford for an evening of Archery Tag, but before we arrived there we found another Minigolf course, in Carshalton, that we hadn't previously visited or played!

Emily and I have also played the Adventure Golf courses at the World of Golf centres in New Malden and Sidcup. We're yet to visit the World of Golf in Glasgow, but it's on our 'to play' list!

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