Monday, April 22, 2013

Abandoned Shoe Of The Week!

Winning the Abandoned Shoe Of The Week title!

I recently found out that I'd won a 'coveted' internet title, that being the spotter of the "Abandoned Shoe Of The Week" from @abandonedshoes on Twitter!

The Abandoned Shoe of the Week prize winner!

Thanks to my friend and sometimes Minigolf ally Kevin Moseley tipping me off about the mission of @abandonedshoes to have all sightings of Abandoned Shoes reported to them, I've sent in a few photos of any that I have spied around Luton!

In recent weeks Emily and I have spotted a couple of sole items of footwear opposite one another on the building works of the new Luton to Dunstable Guided Busway in the town centre. It was the second, pointy shoe, rather than the original fancy shoe, that was awarded the "Abandoned Shoe Of The Week" prize.

The UK abandoned shoe count currently stands at: 1,336!


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Thighs said...

You must remember to visit the Shoe Tree next time you are in Newcastle: