Friday, April 05, 2013

Kelsey Park Minigolf in Beckenham

A visit to the Minigolf course in Kelsey Park, Beckenham.

On Saturday 30th March Emily and I headed to Kelsey Park in Beckenham, Kent for the first-ever Will Donnelly Invitational Minigolf Tournament organised by the player himself - Will Donnelly!

Hole 18 - the Labyrinth - sometimes it can be tough, other times a good ace opportunity 

With Will having recently found that the course was near to his house he visited and played there and decided to organise an 'open invite' competition there for him and his fellow 'pro' players. The format of the event saw us all play two rounds on the 18-hole Minigolf course in Kelsey park, followed by one 18-hole round at the Dragon Quest Adventure Golf at World of Golf in Croydon.

En route to the park we'd heard the midday tee-off time was being pushed back a little to accommodate for an Easter Egg Hunt that was taking place in the park and on the course! That's certainly a first that we've come across in the 200+ Miniature Golf events we've competed in over the years!

Emily playing hole 2 - the Volcano - as Brad and Seth look on

We had a wander through the park and found it to be a very pleasant venue for both a Minigolf course and the tournament. The staff at the course were very welcoming and have a very well maintained course and surroundings.

A lovely lot of Minigolf-related signs made for a very happy Squire

The Minigolf course itself was originally of the 'Eternit' Minigolf variety, most often found in Europe, and over the last ten years the course has had various modifications made to it. It was certainly unique!

There are plenty of hole-in-one opportunities on the 18-hole layout, but as with many Eternit courses there were some killer holes there too!

On the day Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd set the best score with an opening round of 34(-2). Brad would go on to win the tournament outright following the final 18-holes in Croydon. The all-time best score was set in August 2003 when a Swedish player called Michael George scored a 28(-8)!

Top Putting from Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd

Kelsey Park and the Minigolf course there are well worth a visit. We'll definitely be back.

A rare photo of the pair of us together! Thanks for taking the snap Sethers

The visit to the Kelsey Park Minigolf course was number 525 overall on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour and the 315th course played since September 2006!

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Seth Thomas said...

Great blog!
I love how I left my stuff in the picture I took. :) Top photography.

Richard Gottfried said...


You're a class act Wandsworth.

Richard Gottfried said...

A look back at our visit to the Kelsey Park minigolf course in Beckenham, Kent.