Thursday, April 19, 2012

Woking Park Crazy Golf and Putting Green

Ticking off two more course visits on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Prior to my visit to Guildford on Wednesday 18th April, and due to a wrong turn when exiting the M25, I ended up near Woking (Shepperton to be precise). As I'd never been to the town and knowing there was a Crazy Golf course there I headed to Woking Park to have a look.

Woking Park Crazy Golf course
A view of the Woking Park Crazy Golf course

I found the 9-hole Eternit type of Miniature Golf course, which looked to be in decent enough condition. Unfortunately the weather was fairly grim so I gave it a miss. According to the Leisure Centre website the course is open from May to September, but a sign next to the course said that the course is open to play year round (Putters & Balls need to be hired from the Leisure Centre Reception).

Woking Park Crazy Golf course
The second hole has a snake painted on it - I haven't seen that on an eternit style of minigolf course before

Woking Park Crazy Golf course
Another view of the snakey hole

Next to the Crazy Golf course is a Putting Green. This wasn't yet open for the summer season, but you could see where the holes have been marked out ready for play.

Woking Park Mini Golf course
One of the holes marked out on the Putting Green

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Richard Gottfried said...

When writing this blog post my mind was saying "Woking" but my hands kept typing "Worthing"!?

Here's an unrelated post to our revisit to Worthing's Splash Point Mini Golf course at Denton Gardens last May - Worthing Splash Point Minigolf - Course Revisit - May 2011

Rowan said...

Just a note - your list does mention this is no longer used as of 2016, but I have since played the course. It's not well advertised, but the course is operated by Freedom Leisure, as part of the leisure centre also located in the park. It's a very derilict and not-well-kept course but the unpredictability made it an extremely fun and hilarious experience!

Richard Gottfried said...

Thanks for your comment.

We played the course in 2016 and it was good fun.

Good to hear it's still open.